• Kaiiku

    -- May 9th, 2010 --

    Entry by Kaiiku

    Lately, the Wiki has been undergoing exciting new content updates!

    Here is a list as of may 9th about the updates that have occured.

    1. Added a new Skin to fit a more Demonic Aspect.
    2. Added a ShoutBox/ChatBox so that writers and Wiki-ers may chat!
    3. Verified continuity of the Wiki and fixed a few content bugs.
    4. Added a new Image to the Wiki! ~ Made by Doug
    5. Added a new Home Page Image to the Wiki! ~ Made by Firstlove
    6. New Forum Signatures out for the Forums in the official thread in General Discussions. ~ Made by Firstlove
    7. Corrected and PROTECTED certain articles, to prevent messing up and archiving them.

    Here are UPDATES TO COME:

    • Listing Articles in Categories. [Being Considered]
    • Listing Administrative Articles. [Done!]
    • Prote…

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  • Kaiiku

    Hello to everyone.

    Kaiiku here, as always.

    This is my new Blog and hereon you will see added content and information pertaining to the DW [DemonFlyFF Wiki] project.

    We've officially moved from Project to Wiki, making us the FIRST DemonFlyFF Wiki out there!

    Furthermore, as I was not granted Game Master, I will be taking part in bettering the Wiki and further enhancing the gaming experience of everyone.

    The wiki is HERE TO STAY.

    Contribute to it and enjoy!

    The future projects will be mentioned at a later date. For the time being, the Home Page will be re-worked on a back-end copy.

    Enjoy DW!

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